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Publication Name: Finance Professor

Brief description: Finance News, Academic articles, and other things from FinanceProfessor.com. Remember Finance is not only important, but it is also fun!!!

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Owner Name: Jim Mahar

Joined: November 27th, 2011


Finance Professor wrote a new blog post titled FedEx Saved From Bankruptcy With Blackjack Winnings - Business Insider

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Finance Professor wrote a new blog post titled Hey, stock analyst: Your bias is showing - MarketWatch

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Finance Professor wrote a new blog post titled Excessive executive pay for plain dumb luck: Barry Ritholtz - Moneyweb

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Dr. James Mahar Jr. (Jim)  is the author of FinanceProfessor.com’s newsletter and the person behind FinanceProfessor.com.  He teaches Finance at St. Bonaventure University.  The newsletter and web site started as a result of his keeping in touch with his students but has spread to the point where the newsletter has subscribers in 5 continents and in over 30 countries.

Jim earned his Ph.D. (Finance) from The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), his MBA from the William E. Simon School at the University of Rochester, and an undergraduate degree from St. Bonaventure.  He has taught at Penn State and James Madison University.  He has taught all levels of corporate finance from Introductory to Advanced, as well as several Investment classes (advances and intermediate), Markets and Institutions, International Finance, and Money and Banking. 

Dr. Mahar's research interests are predominantly in Corporate Finance (his dissertation was on firms with high cash) and Financial education.  He has written case studies, and is constantly working on other research papers.