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Publication Name: Magic, Maths and Money

Brief description: The Relationship between Science and Finance.

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Magic, Maths and Money wrote a new blog post titled Anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools

This post is my response to the warning from the former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks of the dangers of "doing nothing" to combat anti-Semitism. The concern raised by Lord Sacks is that anti-Semitism appears widespread in the far left, as well as in its normal home in the far right. I will write about what I think I understand, meaning I will not venture into the issues relating to actions of the state of Israel. None of my best friends (that I know of) are Jewish though I have yet to meet an Israeli Jew who whole-heartedly supports the actions of the Israeli government.   The...
(295 days ago)

Magic, Maths and Money wrote a new blog post titled The Golden Rule

There are two versions of the Golden Rule. The standard is “ Do to others what you want them to do to you” and appears in most developed religions. Colloquially it is “Those that have the gold, make the rules”. Someone raised this distinction on my work in financial ethics by asking “Are you saying participants in financial markets should be benevolent in how they price instruments?” They answer rhetorically with the observation that the reality is that the markets are motivated by greed and fear with leading market participants acting in a ‘brutish’ manner that motivates the rest to conform....
(367 days ago)

Magic, Maths and Money wrote a new blog post titled Mathematical Finance

I wrote this piece for the National Institute for Economic and Social Research's Rebuilding Macroeconomics project.There are three types of mathematicians: those that can count and those that can’t. This aphorism challenges the public perception of mathematics as being concerned with calculation and is liked by mathematicians because it enables them to highlight what mathematics is concerned with, which is identifying and describing relationships between objects. A more sophisticated misunderstanding relates to the way mathematics is conducted. The error originates in how mathematicians...
(385 days ago)