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Publication Name: The Psy-Fi Blog

Brief description: A Sideways Look at Psychology and Finance.

Publication URL: http://www.psyfitec.com/

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The Psy-Fi Blog wrote a new blog post titled Idiots in Investing Echo Chambers

Investing in the Dead Some people like to wander round graveyards. I get the same sort of ghoulish pleasure out of frequenting investment discussion boards. They're full of Pollyannas, forever only able to see the good in the stocks they invest in. Sadly they're almost always wrong. But it's kind of fun watching them keeping the reanimated corpses of zombie stocks moving about through the power of sheer stupidity. The Glad Game Pollyanna was the eponymous child heroine of Eleanor Porter's 1913 novel whose main characteristic was a determination to find the good in any situation, no...
(5 days ago)

The Psy-Fi Blog wrote a new blog post titled Blindsided by Brexit Bias

Unbalanced The result of the UK’s referendum on the EU caught markets by surprise. They’d soared the previous day in the expectation of a Remain vote and were thrown into turmoil when it turned out a majority of the British were less concerned with economic stability and more with mass immigration. The polls leading up to the referendum were finely balanced; if they were to be believed then the result was far from certain right up to the end. Yet many people took the market surge at face value – that markets were pricing in known information –  and that a Remain vote was in the...
(264 days ago)

The Psy-Fi Blog wrote a new blog post titled Bad Investor Behavior Can Be Very Expensive

Brief interview with yours truly by Robin Powell from The Evidence Based Investor: Also take a look at SmartInvestorTV for a bunch of other interesting resources.
(359 days ago)


Tim Richards is a UK based technologist (career) and psychologist (academic) with a long-term interest in financial markets.  The aim of the Psy-Fi Blog is to present the world of finance through the lens of psychology, replacing personal opinion with academic research and worthless assertion with logical argument.  All while never losing a chance to raise a laugh at the madness of the markets.