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Publication Name: The Psy-Fi Blog

Brief description: A Sideways Look at Psychology and Finance.

Publication URL: http://www.psyfitec.com/

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The Psy-Fi Blog wrote a new blog post titled A Catalog of Investing Errors

Love Lists We're attracted to lists like moths to flames and netheads to clickbait. The Big List of Behavioral Biases is by some way the most popular page on this website, but it actually provides very little insight into investing successfully. Behind this, though, lies a deeper truth. Lists are processed more easily by the brain, and they're perfectly optimized for the click and go environment that is the Internet. Here I explain why. In a list. Obviously. 1. The Paradox of Choice Too much information overwhelms us, we're unable to process it and have to take unsatisfactory shortcuts. The...
(7 days ago)

The Psy-Fi Blog wrote a new blog post titled Unbanked But Not Unwise

Tribal Finance Lisa Servon has written a clever, accessible and pin-point clear piece of ethnographic research. It looks at how an underserved and underappreciated tribe, without access to regular financial services, has developed ways and means of coping in their absence. It's also a damning indictment of the organizations that claim to offer them these services. The tribe, of course, is middle class America, and the organizations are the banks that fail to serve them. Many Prices Over here in the UK we've seen a surge in the use of non-traditional, short-term financial lenders - payday...
(14 days ago)

The Psy-Fi Blog wrote a new blog post titled Age Makes You Happier - And Poorer

Avoidance Strategies As the years pass I've noticed I'm increasingly unwilling to expose myself to sources of negative information or emotional stress. So news bulletins, soap operas and anything a film critic might regard as emotionally engaging are increasingly off-limits. Frankly I'd rather watch Guardians of the Galaxy than Moonlight, no matter how worthy the latter. Slightly to my surprise it turns out that this isn't just me being more than normally antisocial, but is a commonly observed age-related change in preferences. By choice older people will habitually avoid stuff that they find...
(21 days ago)


Tim Richards is a UK based technologist (career) and psychologist (academic) with a long-term interest in financial markets.  The aim of the Psy-Fi Blog is to present the world of finance through the lens of psychology, replacing personal opinion with academic research and worthless assertion with logical argument.  All while never losing a chance to raise a laugh at the madness of the markets.