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Wealth and Capital Markets Blog wrote a new blog post titled Celent’s Innovation and Insight Day: Wealth and Asset Management Stream

We are only weeks away from Celent's 2017 Innovation and Insight Day where we will explore how players in the financial services market are leveraging technology in innovative ways in order to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive and challenging marketplace. We will be featuring a number of case studies, discussions, and deep-dives into topic areas surrounding innovation and focusing on themes, such as: Customer Experience Products Emerging Innovation Operation and Risk Legacy Transformation This is the first year we will have a...
(35 days ago)

Wealth and Capital Markets Blog wrote a new blog post titled Wealth and Asset Management Converges on Celent’s Annual Innovation and Insight Day

This will be the first year that Wealth and Asset Management (WAM) will have its own stream at Celent’s annual Innovation and Insight (I&I) Day. Traditionally, I&I Day has been focused on insurance and banking, and is an opportunity for insurers and banks to demonstrate innovative projects with the chance to be recognized for outstanding capabilities. Typically, each insurer or bank begins preparing months in advance by submitting their case for how they have exceled in a particular sector. For example, in banking, awards are given for innovation in payments, lending, open...
(42 days ago)

Wealth and Capital Markets Blog wrote a new blog post titled The Virtual Agent: NLP in Wealth Management

NLP has many use cases in consumer banking and is gaining adoption in wealth management. In my report, The Virtual Agent: Natural Language Processing in Wealth Management, I look at some of the more popular use cases for NLP, including for chatbots/virtual assistants and biometric identification, as well as the more cutting-edge applications, like for advisor matching and more complex virtual assistant processes. IPSoft and Personetics are two vendors making huge strides in the field of NLP.  IPSoft is working with SEB and Personetics is working with BRD, a subsidiary of Groupe...
(46 days ago)


Our industry is undergoing rapid changes: new regulations, adoption of advanced technology, and major changes in investor behavior. Almost every day there is a new disruptive element which impacts the market. The astonishing level of uncertainty, noise, and volatility is almost impossible to address solely through our research reports.

Fortunately, our analysts have strong viewpoints on these “flavor of the day” discussions and their likely impact. We have a lot of experience, and we have seen numerous trend waves that were supposed to soon become tsunamis but eventually hardly filled a cup of tea. We’ve also seen small, pioneering solutions became must-have technology almost overnight.

Traditionally, Celent’s Securities & Investments analysts share their views on new trends with our customers on a one-to-one basis. Today, we expand this approach by launching a blog. This will also be a place to share summaries of what we’ve learned and heard during the myriad of industry conferences we attend. We expect this blog to be a place for debates and creative thinking.

Please do not hesitate to share your views and challenge our analysts with your comments. We believe that discussion benefits the entire community. Our subscribers can continue to expect our insightful and detailed research reports on a regular and exclusive basis. The Securities & Investments blog is intended to supplement this with some fresh, informal thoughts and discussions. We believe our clients and other industry participants will appreciate the opportunity to connect with our analysts.