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Our popular course Introduction to QuantLib Development will be taking place June 18-20th, 2018.

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Publication Name: Enhyper

Brief description: Financial Engineering, High Performance Computing, Information Security and Data Visualisation

Publication URL: http://enhyper.blogspot.co.uk/

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Owner Name: Graeme Burnett

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Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled Why are you still using SVN?

I've worked in several large organisations who hate change and seem to have no idea about the current advances in tooling. Most large organisations seem stuck in a time warp, reliant on SVN, CVS and even PCVS.  This makes these organisations unattractive as employers but that's another post. So I'll expand this list over time, but here's some simple reasons to move to gitBranching: SVN branching is complex. Merging branches is difficult if not impossible. Git was designed for easy branching and controlled merging that works with a community of developers.Stashing:  and quick...
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Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled PAPI - Performance API

PAPI The Performance API (PAPI) project specifies a standard application programming interface (API) for accessing hardware performance counters available on most modern microprocessors. These counters exist as a small set of registers that count Events, occurrences of specific signals related to the processor's function. Monitoring these events facilitates correlation between the structure of source/object code and the efficiency of the mapping of that code to the underlying architecture. This correlation has a variety of uses in performance analysis including hand tuning, compiler...
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Financial Engineering, High Performance Computing, Information Security and Data Visualisation.


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