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Brief description: Publisher, High Frequency Trading Review

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Mike O'Hara wrote a new blog post titled ULLINK, Fiberblaze and FPGA-Based NICs for Pre-Trade Risk

Readers who enjoyed our recent interview with Matt Dangerfield of Fixnetix, discussing their FPGA-based iX-eCute chip and our earlier article from David Quarrell about other potential uses for FPGA technology in HFT, may be interested to read a press release that arrived in my inbox today, announcing that ULLINK will be using an FPGA-based Network Interface Card from Fiberblaze to power its UL IRIS+ pre-trade risk product. This is just further evidence that FPGA-based solutions are increasingly being adopted in latency-sensitive trading environments, for a range of purposes, from market data...
(2460 days ago)

Mike O'Hara wrote a new blog post titled How to Run 20-plus Pre-Trade Risk Checks in Under a Microsecond

Matt Dangerfield An Interview with Matt Dangerfield With the recent introduction of SEC rule 15c3-5 (which requires all firms who provide sponsored access or DMA to ensure their clients’ orders go through adequate risk controls), vendors and service providers have been bringing some increasingly innovative solutions to market to help firms comply. However, forcing orders to go through pre-trade risk controls generally adds latency. So how can that latency be kept to an absolute minimum? Front office managed services provider Fixnetix has recently been demonstrating its own solution to that...
(2469 days ago)

About me:

Mike O'Hara is a veteran of the Capital Markets industry, having started his career in the mid-1980's as a junior trader for UBS, in the Gilt Options pit on the LIFFE floor. Describing himself as more of a geek than a trader, he spent most of the 1990's working for technology vendor SunGard, before leaving to set up the UK operations of software firms Iris Investment Support Systems and Alysis Technologies.

Since 2002, he has run his own consultancy, providing business development services to financial technology firms. He set up the High Frequency Trading Review in early 2010, which has gone on to become one of the top-ranked websites for information related to HFT and algo trading.

A keen musician in his spare time, Mike works out of an office and studio in the Kent countryside.