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Event: CEQURA Conference on Advances in Financial and Insurance Risk Management

Starting on: Wednesday 1st of October, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

Please mark the date for the 5th CEQURA Conference on Advances in Financial and Insurance Risk Management! Detailed Information will follow until May 2014.

Event: IFABS 2014

Starting on: Wednesday 18th of June, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.


Event: Multinational Finance Society Symposium

Starting on: Friday 4th of April, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.


Event: 3rd MoFiR Workshop on Banking

Starting on: Wednesday 25th of June, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

Scholars in the field of banking and finance will meet to discuss the causes, transmission mechanisms, and consequences of the crisis, focusing also on the policy implications for the current situation and the potential reforms.

The organizing committee invites the submission of full papers on the following themes:

Event: The 10th Finance, Business & Banking Symposium

Starting on: Friday 25th of April, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

The 10th Finance, Business & Banking Symposium is an international academic conference dedicated to the promotion and publication of peer-reviewed research. Event organised by the LabExReFi in association with the Academic Council on the Global Governance Systemic Risk, under the auspices of the Financial Engineering and Banking System and sponsored by Global journal of Strategies & Governance (Canada) and several other refereed journals, FBBS' mission is to encourage business faculty members to respond to current finance and banking issues and interact with practitioners. Professors, students, and business people are invited to gather to share their ideas and, thus, sow the seeds for economic growth, market innovation, more effective business practices, consumer trends, and greater profits through their research. FBBS is a wonderful opportunity to highlight and share the fruit of your cogitation!

Event: 13th Annual Liquidity Management

Starting on: Monday 10th of March, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

With increased clarity around regulation such Basel III, banks are now in a better position to act upon demands such as the LCR. With reporting requirements drawing closer there is a new sense of urgency amongst the financial industry to ensure they have the systems and processes in place to meet these requirements and manage their liquidity in the most effective way possible. But how current best practices in liquidity management will fare in an economy moving away from central bank support remains to be seen.

Event: Banking, Finance, Money and Institutions: The Post Crisis Era

Starting on: Saturday 2nd of November, 2013. Posted by: MoneyScience.

The conference will be jointly organised by the Centre for Money, Banking & Institutions (University of Surrey, UK) and the Centre for Research in contemporary Finance (Fordham University, USA). It aims to provide a forum for debate among researchers and policy makers from around the world on the performance of banking and financial markets, financial stability and risk management, and the monetary, regulatory and institutional environment, in light of the recent financial crisis. Topics of special interest, although not confined to the ones below, are:
Financial Stability: Competition, liquidity, pro-cyclicality; risk assessment (systemic; individual institutions); financial crises and resolution.

Event: 2nd Macrotheme Conference on Business, Economics, and Finance

Starting on: Thursday 17th of October, 2013. Posted by: MoneyScience.

Topics related to general business (management, marketing, accounting, corporate finance, information technology) economics (macroeconomics, microeconomics, international economics, etc), and finance (investments, corporate finance, international finance, banking, small business finance, etc.)