Mathematical Finance

Published by: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Editor(s): Rama Cont, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

Mathematical Finance seeks to publish original research articles focused on the development and application of novel mathematical and statistical methods for the analysis of financial problems.

Mathematical Finance aims to serve as a forum for mathematical scientists, financial practitioners and financial economists. Papers should be written in a style accessible to this broad readership. Authors of theoretical papers should describe the motivation and description of the main results and their relevance to finance. Authors of papers focused on applications should present their work in a style accessible to readers who may have less acquaintance with the specific application addressed. Submissions should be presented in a mathematically rigorous style and will be evaluated according to their methodological novelty and their contribution to financial modelling. The suitability of a submission will hinge on the novelty of its approach and the resulting financial insights, rather than its level of mathematical sophistication. Innovative contributions addressing fundamental research questions are highly encouraged. Doctoral students are encouraged to submit contributions to the journal.