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Domain Experts Required

We are developing an innovative editorial model which gives network users the tools to contribute almost any kind of content to a structured editorial product which we are provisionally calling MoneyScience AGENDA.

If you are a domain expert, and a blogger, a tweeter, author, link aggregator, debater or news curator, and would like to contribute to a topic page like this, then please complete the form HERE.

The idea behind the model is to is to provide users with a purposeful way to engage with the site, each other and the community at large, while building evolving libraries of content on topics of general (or specialised) interest.

It is very early days, and by its very nature such a project requires a critical mass of volunteers in order to becoming self-sustaining. Specifically, each topic area will (probably) need a minimum of 5 or 6 contributors (reviewable in practice) in order to alleviate any issues of dependence, or bias.

Structurally, topic groups can organise themselves in any way they wish, but we assume that the following roles would figure in some respect.

  • Content Provider - Bloggers, tweeter, authors who submits content either manually or automatically for inclusion on a page.
  • Curator - Compile links to news, videos, research or pretty much anything on-topic.
  • Taxonomer - Assists in the creation of domain-specific ontologies which can be applied to multiple content types.
  • Moderator - Takes an oversight role and acts as the main conduit to the moneyscience administrative team. Where moderators come into conflict on technical issues associated with subject areas, disputes will be referred to an appropriate member of the advisory panel.

In order to begin the process of setting up the individual panels, we are initially asking users to register their interest by completing the form HERE.

Once we have the reached a functional number of volunteers and have more or less been able to fill each of the required roles above for a specific subject area, we will set up the neccessary pages and let go of the reins.

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