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About MoneyScience

MoneyScience provides a flexible platform for your content. Whether you are a blogger, a tweeter, a mainstream publisher or media company, MoneyScience offers a variety of ways for you to make your content available to our users and the world at large.

i) Build an App

With the MoneyScience App studio, we have created an easy-to-use tool which gives publishers the ability to create branded, customised widgets with RSS feeds which can be made available to users to embed on their personalised dashboards. In this case we do not store the content of your feed except in a transient way. You set the number of headlines to show, and when you add a new item, the oldest item drops away.

ii) Import a Blog

The MoneyScience blogging tool gives users the ability to import an RSS feed into a blog format which can easily be branded and customised. Updates to your blog or news will then be reflected on the site and users who 'follow' your activity will be notified. Each post will provides a direct link back to the original source. Content imported in this way will be stored by MoneyScience, automatically tagged and made available to users for search. Publishers can also manually upload content if RSS feeds are not available.

iii) Submit RSS as a News Channel

News channels on MoneyScience allow you to aggregate multiple feeds and output them as a single source which users can then display using the News Channel app on their dashboard. As with the blog import tool, content is stored by the platform, semantically tagged and made available for search, as well as appearing on the main site activity stream. All news channel items also provide links back to the original source.

Issues arising from Aggregation

We are extremely sensitive to publishers' concerns regarding the replication of their content by aggregators or site-scrapers and while we maintain that in general the benefits of using our platform to find a broader audience for your content out-weigh the costs, we do recognise that providing us with full-text feeds may not be attractive. If you are uncomfortable with this prospect, you may wish to consider using a tool like feedburner which allows you to build a feed which truncates or summarises the full text of a post.

We are keen to maintain good relationships with the content providers we work with, and the tools we offer have been built deliberately to give providers as much control as possible over their content. In the event that a publisher wishes to remove their content from the site, they are able to do this either manually or can contact us and we will make the necessary changes.

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