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User Do's and Don'ts

Since the MoneyScience revenue model is based entirely on advertising, we need to maintain strict rules regarding unauthorised promotional activities on the site.

We are also extremely sensitive to issues around copyrights and the unauthorised reproduction of other people's content.

Users may not:

  • Post marketing or sales related comments on news items, in groups, or against any other content type.
  • Engage in bahaviour which deliberately disrupts or hampers the activity of commercial entities on the site.
  • Reproduce in full or in part, copyrighted or licensed material on the site without explicit (written) permission from the copyright or license holder - except where such reproductions fall under 'fair use' legislation in the US.
  • Post commercially oriented events, widgets or news channels to the site without written (email) consent from submissions@moneyscience.com
  • Engage in behaviour which is otherwise defined in our T's & C's.

Penalties for failure to comply with our guideliness may include the immediate suspension of your account and deletion of your data and profile.

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