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Who are we?

Jacob Bettany is the Founder and Managing Director of MoneyScience and before setting up the site in 2004, he helped to launch and then managed the academic journal, Quantitative Finance. In 2008, Jacob was named one of the Courvoisier Future 500 young business people to watch out for in the UK. With an in-depth knowledge of capital markets and finance, particularly on the web, Jacob has consistently innovated with the technologies available to him and has become a recognised expert in web-based dissemination, financial publishing and social technology.


Ken Yeadon is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of VC firm, Thematic Capital Partners He is a recognised innovator in financial technology, with over 25 years experience in management, trading, technology, large technology project management, and venture investing. He was the former head of trading, sales and e-commerce for HSBC Asia-Pacific and has a successful track record in angel and venture investing in financial technology, high frequency trading, stat-arb and quantitative/arbitrage trading, liquidity management infrastructure and financial CRM projects. Ken has an MBA from John Cass Business School and a BA in economics from Nottingham.


Sammy Kanan, a dedicated technologist in any field of technology and engineering which has problems to solve. Willing to throw away "the book" in order to solve challenges whilst keeping in mind that somehow tomorrow things have to work as well. Always looking for opportunites to make myself and my position redundant and effect positive and efficient change.



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