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InteDelta wrote a new blog post titled InteDelta in Collateral Management Q&A on DerivSource
InteDelta’s Nick Newport and SunGard’s Ted Allen offer answers to some audience questions from a recent DerivSource collateral optimization webinar. The questions focus on:  The impact of increased collateralisation requirements on pricing policies;  How to measure the effectiveness of optimization activities;  and much more. Click here to view the Q&A article
2635 days ago
InteDelta wrote a new blog post titled InteDelta releases white paper on how European insurers are preparing for industry-transforming legislation
Solvency II represents the largest ever change for insurers operating in Europe. It is set to transform profoundly the way insurance companies operate. This research paper presents the findings of a survey of insurance firms conducted for BNP Paribas by InteDelta in the summer of 2011. The aim of the survey was twofold: to gauge preparedness and progress towards delivery of Solvency II requirements, and to identify the particular areas that are proving challenging and which threaten compliance as insurers and asset managers enter the final phases of the Solvency II implementation...
2789 days ago
InteDelta wrote a new blog post titled InteDelta launches new website
We are delighted to announce the launch of our new and improved website created in partnership with our digital agency partners Make it Digital and AW Creative. As InteDelta continues to grow and expand we hope that our new site will offer a better user experience for our growing number of clients and followers. We are keen to keep refining the site, so we would be delighted to hear from you with any feedback or suggestions at: About InteDeltaInteDelta helps financial institutions implement risk management best practice. Combining a structured...
2915 days ago
InteDelta wrote a new blog post titled InteDelta White Paper on Bridging the Risk Policy Gap
Business lines often tell risk managers that their risk policies are too conservative and do not allow them to do business. In this paper, Michael Bryant, Managing Director of InteDelta explores how risk managers should respond and bridge the risk policy gap. The discussion is applicable to a range of business scenarios such as margin requirements for derivatives, advance ratios for private banking and credit pricing. Get the Paper Here.
2928 days ago
InteDelta wrote a new blog post titled Presentation - Current Trends In Collateral Management Operations
The post-crisis emphasis on counterparty credit risk management has encouraged banks to focus on their collateral management processes for OTC derivatives exposures. In many cases, institutions have invested in upgrading portfolio reconciliation and margining infrastructure and have reorganised collateral management operations to increase resilience, realise efficiencies and align with evolving industry best practice. As the migration of OTC derivatives business to a centrally-cleared model gains momentum, a flexible and efficient collateral management capability will be a valuable...
2928 days ago
InteDelta wrote a new blog post titled Data Strategy: The Foundation of Superior Risk Management
Effective risk management depends on the ability to calculate and report meaningful measures of exposure, both to individual desks to support trading strategies and local risk control and at a consolidated level to allow firm-wide risk to be managed. To achieve this, accurate and timely data must be sourced, cleansed, transformed and aggregated from a wide range of sources in many formats at all points in time. An effective data management strategy is therefore a prerequisite for successful risk management. In this paper, sponsored by GoldenSource, InteDelta explores the interaction...
2928 days ago
InteDelta wrote a new blog post titled InteDelta releases survey on How do banks perform due diligence for a large number of funds?
In this survey InteDelta examines how banks balance rigour versus efficiency in their approach to conducting due diligence and ratings for funds. Get the Survey Here.
3021 days ago
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