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Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled Why are you still using SVN?
I've worked in several large organisations who hate change and seem to have no idea about the current advances in tooling. Most large organisations seem stuck in a time warp, reliant on SVN, CVS and even PCVS.  This makes these organisations unattractive as employers but that's another post. So I'll expand this list over time, but here's some simple reasons to move to gitBranching: SVN branching is complex. Merging branches is difficult if not impossible. Git was designed for easy branching and controlled merging that works with a community of developers.Stashing:  and quick...
1597 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled PAPI - Performance API
PAPI The Performance API (PAPI) project specifies a standard application programming interface (API) for accessing hardware performance counters available on most modern microprocessors. These counters exist as a small set of registers that count Events, occurrences of specific signals related to the processor's function. Monitoring these events facilitates correlation between the structure of source/object code and the efficiency of the mapping of that code to the underlying architecture. This correlation has a variety of uses in performance analysis including hand tuning, compiler...
2685 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled netmap - user space NIC ring buffer
netmap looks promising but it's about to be blown away by the ability to inject packets into L3 cache in the next iteration of Intel chips which have DCA - direct cache access
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled John Nolan on FPGA and GPU
A good overview of FPGA and GPU technology in this presentation http://www.infoq.com/interviews/nolan-hardware-acceleration
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled LEON3
The LEON3 is a synthesisable VHDL model of a 32-bit processor compliant with the SPARC V8 architecture. The model is highly configurable, and particularly suitable for system-on-a-chip (SOC) designs. The full source code is available under the GNU GPL license, allowing free and unlimited use for research and education. LEON3 is also available under a low-cost commercial license, allowing it to be used in any commercial application to a fraction of the cost of comparable IP cores. The LEON3 processor has the following features: SPARC V8 instruction set with V8e extensionsAdvanced 7-stage...
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled Waters European Trading Architecture Summit 2011
Some feedback from this event which I attended today. Event http://events.waterstechnology.com/etas Infrastructure Management: Reducing costs, Improving performance, Professor Roger Woods, Queens University, Belfast Prof Woods gave an impassioned talk about a tool that he has developed which takes c++, allows you to navigate the code and identify subsystems which you can target to run on hardware or emulation of hardware. He worked on the JP Morgan collaboration with Maxellor and was bullish about the technology.Two years from pilot to production.Developed at tool that allows...
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled HFT World 2011 and intro
Finally my first post to the Enhyper blog, on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I've just returned from speaking at HFT World 2011 in Amsterdam. Turnout wasn't as large as I expected, however, there was some good discussion around what the future is likely to hold. I shared some of my views on embracing the end-to-end principle with Mike O'Hara from the High Frequency Trading Review, and I'll return to this post to set some of those views down in blog space a bit later. My background's in IP/telecoms systems design, so my views of HFT and its technology tend to be coloured by that.
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled Thomson Reuters Expert Session
I was kindly invited to give an expert session by Thomson Reuters when I was between assignments. I gave an hour presentation which has been edited into four sessions: On the FX Business Model http://thomsonreuters.na4.acrobat.com/p72695781/ On FX and the OTC Market http://thomsonreuters.na4.acrobat.com/p97524929/ On High Frequency Trading http://thomsonreuters.na4.acrobat.com/p67792422/ On FX Strategies http://thomsonreuters.na4.acrobat.com/p10287782/ I'm now gainfully employed so back to silent running for me.
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled Global Connectivity Vendor Selection
TeleGeography produce a topological map of submarine cables which is of interest to hft firms. There are many aspects to consider when procuring global connectivity. Before you choose a suppler, perhaps some important questions to ask are: What are the fibre miles versus physical miles of long haul links How do you measure your quoted latencyWhat is your underlying network technology and how is it provisioned What network equipment do you use for your core network How many hardware queues on the above equipment do you allocate to our serviceWhen using third parties, what is their underlying...
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled Cavium Octeon II
Met with Barry, CTO of Tervela on Friday. He recommended taking a look at the Cavium Octeon II NPU card which has 32 cores, a C like interface and shiny new architecture.
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled FTQ for platform jitter analysis
FTQ is a useful tool dug up by Bruce which we've started using for jitter analysis and it's showing up some surprising results. The idea is simple - how many iterations of a variable can be performed in a fixed time. I started by running the threaded version on our 8 core, dual cpu server for approximately 3 minutes using the following command: t_ftq -t 8 -n 450000 Using Octave, I calculated the variance (42133) and standard deviation (2485.1.) Plotting this gave this over populated graph: Next I thought I'd run it over seven cores and got a smoother profile. But graphs are fine and dandy but...
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled HIFREQ 2011 Panel Discussion Input
Here's my input to the panel discussion for HIFREQ 2011. • What are the different set ups and combinations for HFT architecture? I have experience of four different architectures: traditional monolithic event queue and broadcastreflective memory, distributed processingdma, shared memory, multi-process and multicasttrading engine on a cardThe latter appears to be the dream set up. It consists of an FPGA enabled network card with the strategy running on the card itself. This has been implemented by several large prop trading outfits who have arb strats. Up until June last year, we were able...
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled High Frequency Trading World, Chicago
I've kindly been invited to talk at High Frequency Trading World, Chicago on June 27-29th 2011. I suggested the following three talks. The real-time risk management one was chosen as the host thought this would be of great interest to traders. I've implemented this for real and gave a talk on Infosec Data Analytics and Visualisation which was well received so I thought I'd extend it to transactional logging. The basic idea came from work I did with Ian on triple entry accounting [sic] and "Notelets". Real-time risk management and regulatory compliance persisting transactions to the...
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled What to do with your FPGA Enabled Network Card
Here's what you can do with your new shiny 10GE network card with onboard FPGA: Port Forwarding: this allows you to copy an incoming data stream to another port so that you can have one server for execution only and one for data persistence.Data Filtering: transform and redirect data based at 10GE speed. Reformat XML to binary e.gPort Forwarding to Multicast: forward a filtered or unfiltered data stream as a multicast streamBGP/IGMP Routing: save a fortune on hardware and a network stack traversal too!Port Forwarding to Multicast by topic: forward a filtered or unfiltered data stream as a...
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled Buy-side Technology European Summit 2011
I'm moderating the panel at the above conference. Here's some notes I sent in: Market structure: Confronting the issues around market fragmentation, the impact of HFT and globalization The future is multi-venue, multi-asset fusion trading using global VPLS networks with QoS and high precision time. It's a war - you have to use engage in deep research and new techniques in order to win it . And you must know every layer of your technology - down to the wires. If you're not processing on the network card - you're too slow. Microtrading engines are effectively here. Economic situation: New...
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled Mankoff Company 2nd Annual Ultra Low Latency
I've been kindly invited to speak at another HFT conference in London. The 2nd Annual Ultra Low Latency: Trading Opportunities and Development in FX and other asset classes run by the Mankoff Company to be held at the Grange Holborn, London on the 23rd March 2011.
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled Wireshark Remoting
The technique whereby a feed handler data is captured and this feed capture is pulled back to your local workstation, for easier analysis and inspection. For more information, see: http://wiki.wireshark.org/CaptureSetup/Pipes Prerequisites. 1) You are using SSH keys to log in to engines; 2) Your ssh-agent is running (Ubuntu desktops) with your SSH keys added to the keyring. Most Ubuntu desktops will run ssh-agent for you on login. 3) wireshark is installed on your workstation; sudo aptitude install wireshark 4) tshark is installed on the engine; sudo aptitude install tshark 5) You...
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled High Frequency Trading Conferences
I've been kindly asked to speak at two conferences this year: The first is HIFREQ 2011 on February the 24th. I'm on the panel with Prof Dave Cliff talking about next generation tech for HFT. I'm also speaking at The High Frequency Trading World Conference in Amsterdam on the 7-9th June 2011. Things I'll be talking about: The latest technology for market data acquisition and parsing, both in hardware and techniques using parallelised software.The role of FPGA, DSP and MemristorsThe future of XMLShared and reflective memory for market fusion CPU instructions for vectorisation and IO...
2739 days ago
Enhyper wrote a new blog post titled Google's Strategy
I listened to a series of predictions by Mark Anderson of Strategy News Service several nights ago on Global Business during a bout of insomnia and was intrigued by his prediction that "Google has lost its way", "doesn't know what business they are in" and were "a rudderless organisation". With regard to what business Google are in, my analysis is that they are in the data business: collection, analysis, enrichment and dissemination. The fact that they make money out of ads is coincidental and is indeed predicated on this, without which, targeting of ads would be impossible. The fact that...
2739 days ago