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Bitcoin Pumps 8% Just After 40M Tether Move to Bitfinex…"After dropping substantially for several hours on Sunday, the BTC spiked eight percent. This major move coincidentally happened just as $40 million worth of Tether tokens (USDT) moved to Bitfinex.tags: Fintech CryptoAssets Bitcoin Tether Central Bank of Kenya Announces Emergency Measures to Facilitate Mobile Money Transactions The Central Bank of Kenya announced measures that will facilitate increased use...

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ILW market growth to come from specialty & cyber risks: JohansmeyerRetrocessional reinsurance capacity remains scarce for some specialty perils, especially cyber reinsurance, Johansmeyer said, adding that the capital markets can fill this hole and the ILW is the ideal solution to help it in.

Sidecars in need of significant innovation & change: Mayer Brown's SpitzerThe collateralised reinsurance sidecar leaves a lot to be desired, speakers at a conference discussed...

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Bond ETFs Face Toughest Liquidity Test YetBond ETFs are highlighting signs of liquidity stress in broader markets, with cash prices trading at persistent and deep discounts to the value of the underlying assets.Pandemic threatens Libor transition plansRegulators want to transition to new risk-free rates before the end of 2021, when Libor contributors will be free to stop supporting the rate. Some industry sources now warn the timeline may need to be extended – partly because resources are...

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Denis Beau: What financial sovereignty in a digital world?"We now live in an increasingly digital world, in which technical progress makes it possible to market new goods and services that claim to simplify and enrich our lives. In the area of finance, like elsewhere, innovation seems to have followed a historical process rendering it practically invisible: As St Exupéry writes in Wind, Sand and Stars "Thus, precisely because it is perfect the machine dissembles its own existence"....

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Tomorrow, Heads of State and Government for the Group of Seven nations will meet by teleconference. As of this writing, two of the seven have already implemented nationwide mobility restrictions. All seven are seeing major corporations and individuals preparing to cease activity and shelter in place until the true extent of infection rates, transmission mechanisms and mortality data are known. When Supply Shocks and Demand Shocks Coincide With Global Illness Analytically, we have moved beyond...

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MakerDAO Debts Grow as DeFi Leader Moves to Stabilize ProtocolMakerDAO’s emergency shutdown option – which was weighed by community members following the appearance of a $4 million debt bubble on the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform – will not pass at this time. If a shutdown was triggered by the Maker team, all dai stablecoins in circulation would convert to the underlying asset, ether (ETH).tags: Fintech CryptoAssets Stablecoins DAI MakerDAO Ethereum...

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Digital stimulus?Could now be a good time to announce a CBDC? The asset/saving-less can be encouraged to sign up to the system with the promise of a $2000/£2000/€2000 stimulus and an ongoing stipend of x amount for however long the crisis lasts (an effective negative rate). Those seeking safety for savings, meanwhile, can be promised the protection of par value, with capital invested strategically redeployed in the system in the shape of zero-rate loans for temporarily struggling...

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Central Bank Digital Currency: opportunities, challenges and designThe Bank of England has published a discussion paper setting out its initial CBDC thinking to provide a basis for further research and dialogue between the Bank and a range of stakeholders.Digital Financial Services Reference Guide - Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationTogether with partner organizations, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Financial Services for the Poor Program has developed a reference guide as...

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Assessing what policy actions in the last 24 hours globally tell us about preferred and likely policy trajectories to address COVID economic

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New Celo Alliance Has Same Aims as Libra – And Some of the Same PartnersThe Silicon Valley crypto startup cLabs, focused on mobile payments and the Celo blockchain project, is following another precedent from Facebook’s Libra playbook by launching an industry association through a separate Celo Foundation.Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten contracts equensWorldline for instant paymentsThe Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten has contracted equensWorldline SE, a subsidiary...

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