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MoneyScience's Blog: Video

Forecasting Financial Crises: A Short Documentary

January 14, 2013 Comments (0)

Finance is as fragile as a house of cards, as complicated as a Rubik cube, and as intermingled as a bunch of mikado sticks. Science can help to sort out patterns in the complexity of the economic world. FOC (Forecasting Financial Crises), a European research project, has developed tools to model, monitor, and visualize crucial patterns of financial crises.

FOC is a Scientific Project Financed by FET OPEN Scheme in the field of Information and Communication Technology by the European...

Popular MoneyScience 2012 Part 1: Top 10 Videos

December 13, 2012 Comments (0)

It's that time of year, and here at MoneyScience we've been putting together a collection of the most popular content we've published in 2012! In this first post, you'll find the most popular videos appearing on the site this year. The list features a host of names who will be familar to MoneyScience users including Doyne Farmer, Andrew Haldane, Joris Luyendijk, Cathy O'Neil, Steve Keen, and tends towards the long form - so make yourself comfortable!

Taking Stock of Complexity Economics:...

Video - Trading’s evolving next generation? Control systems, feedback loops, adaptive knowledge capture

December 7, 2012 Comments (0)

Via the Finteligent Trading Technology Community comes this interesting presentation by Ken Yeadon which was given at November's Future City event in London.
FUTURE CITY : Trading’s evolving next generation?- control systems, feedback loops, adaptive knowledge capture from Chief Nation on Vimeo.

About Ken Yeadon
Ken Yeadon, Chairman Thematic Group, ex HSBC, early inevstor in Currenex and now active in new trading related ventures. Ken has possibly unrivaled experience across the...

Video - Ciamac Moallemi: High-Frequency Trading and Market Microstructure

November 28, 2012 Comments (0)

Via Sal Arnuk from Themis Trading coming this interesting presentation on HFT.

Ciamac Moallemi is the Barbara and Meyer Feldberg Associate Professor of Business in the Decision, Risk, & Operations Division of the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University.
His research focusses on the optimal control of large-scale stochastic systems, with an emphasis on applications in financial engineering.

The Execution Game
Trading at Light Speed...

Video - Joris Luyendijk at UK Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards Joint Committee

November 14, 2012 Comments (0)

Joris Luyendijk is the Guardian Newspaper's roving financial anthropologist, and will be familiar to many readers at MoneyScience from his excellent Voices in Finance Series over at the Guardian's Banking Blog.
This morning Joris appeared before the UK Commission on Banking Standards, and provided a fascinating insight into the relationships between the front, back and middle offices. Joris appears at approx 11.01 in the video and if you're at all interested in an informed perspective on the...