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MoneyScience's Blog: Hedge Funds

Hedge funds manipulate stock prices, new research shows

December 13, 2012 Comments (0)

Some hedge funds manipulate stock prices at the end of the month to improve the returns that they report to their investors, a new study suggests.
In a study of 10 years of hedge fund data, researchers found evidence that some funds run up prices on specific stocks they hold on the last day of the month and quarter – especially the last 20 minutes of trading – before they report their returns for the period. But the prices usually fall back the next day, after the abnormally large...

Christopher B. Tobe Killed a Hedge Fund

July 31, 2012 Comments (0)

In a curious addition to the SSRN Research Library, this white paper by Christopher B. Tobe tells the story of the author's legal wranglings with the hedge fund, Arrowhawk Capital Partners and $14bn Public Pension Plan, Kentucky Retirement Systems.
Get the paper, I Killed a Hedge Fund
I killed a Hedge Fund because I felt I had to as a Fiduciary for a $14 billion Public Pension Plan. This fund Arrowhawk Capital Partners was conceived in corruption, and that, along with its mediocre...

Podcast: Checking Out of the Hedge Fund Hotel

July 1, 2012 Comments (0)

Most new hedge funds rather spend time readying their trading strategies for production than setting up their IT infrastructure. With the continued growth of hosted IT offerings, rolling out the necessary infrastructure has never been faster. In this episode, Rob discusses this trend with Chris Grandi, a founder and managing director at Abacus Group LLC, and how hedge funds can avoid common pitfalls in implementing these deployments.

Via: Rob Daly over at The Daly Post Podcast

Women 'never the right age' in hedge fund

June 28, 2012 Comments (0)

I'm not sure how much weight we can give to a study conducted in a single hedge fund but I haven't seen the paper, and if anyone can get hold of a copy of "The organizational gendering of ‘adulting’" by Kat Riach and Jo Brewis, I'd rather like to see it. Email me: jacob@moneyscience.com

'Women faced problems at every stage of adult life' says report from University of Leicester and University of Essex
Women working in hedge funds struggle to be taken seriously at work,...

Research: Hedge funds more like guardian angels than vultures when it comes to bankruptcy

May 11, 2012 Comments (0)

New University of British Columbia research shows that – contrary to popular opinion – hedge funds have a positive influence when investing in U.S. companies filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
The study, co-authored by Sauder School of Business finance Prof. Kai Li, reveals that when a hedge fund invests in a distressed company, other creditors in the transaction fare better and there is a greater chance a company will emerge from bankruptcy.
“It’s a common view in the...