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MoneyScience Reloaded! Welcome to the New Site!

Thu, 30 Jun 2011 04:44:00 GMT

6 months in the making, and several years in the conception, I am delighted to welcome you to the latest iteration of the MoneyScience website!

We have come along way since the original launch in 2004 and finally the site has the capabilities that as a founder and publisher I have long dreamed of!

Thanks to Thematic Networks' innovative Spine Technology platform, MoneyScience is now a full featured, privacy-enabled social network, a curated editorial publication and a unique multi-channel promotional platform for the Financial Services Community. You can read a little bit about the team behind the site, HERE.

And in case, you missed it, have you seen our Advisory Panel? We have some of the top names in Financial Economics and Quantitative Finance on board, whose input as move forward will be greatly appreciated.

From a user perspective, MoneyScience offers all the functionality you would expect from a social network; the ability to create your own profile and to 'connect' with other users, the chance to upload photos, documents or pretty much any media which you can share with the community at large or with any particular sub-set you choose. You can create a library of bookmarks, write a blog or import your own blog (full-text or headlines only). You can even build you own micro-site using the 'pages' feature.

On top of this users are able to customise their experience of the site with privacy-enabled dashboards which can be used to display content from our ever-growing library of pre-loaded apps, or from content provided by you such as twitter feeds, YouTube Channels or Blogs. You might like to check out the various tabs HERE to see what we mean.You can even contribute own Apps based on the sources and information that matter to you.

Companies, Institutions and Groups can also get a profile and dashboard which allows them to update their details, promote their news and products and aggregate their social media activities in one place.

We also offer standard banner advertising opportunities and the ability to stand out from the crowd by featuring their products and news in key sections of the site. If you are interested in working with us in this basis then please contact jacob@moneyscience.com for futher details.

In order to maintain our focus in the first place we are only opening up the registration process to financial practitioners and academics. Our objective is to create a transparent and accountable community, so users are required to register with their full names and affiliations.

Social networks sometimes suffer from a lack of user engagement in the early days and we belive we have gone some way to solving that problem by preloading the site with hundreds, if not thousands, of links to research papers, news items and web-resources which registered users can interact with, comment on and discuss.

In our excitement to launch we have only scratched the surface of everything this platform has to offer, so not only will you see us build out the content systematically over the coming months, we will be introducing brand new feature such as the ability to apply licences to your content - or even sell it though our ecommerce and marketplace-as-a-service functionality.

We still have a few bugs to iron out, and you may come across the odd section which is still 'under construction', but we are keen to get as much feedback as we can from our users and visitors, so do feel free to send us a note HERE.

With that, I will leave you to explore the site and form an opinion. Thanks for visiting and Enjoy!

Jacob Bettany

MoneyScience Founder, Managing Director


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