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101 Linkedin Groups for Financial Professionals

Thu, 26 Jan 2012 11:00:00 GMT

This is an updated and revised version of a popular list we originally compiled in 2010. Of course we might be doing ourselves a disservice since MoneyScience is quite clearly the best social network for finance on the web, but we figured you still might find this useful. You can always register for a profile at MoneyScience here.

General Finance and Banking

Risk Management

Credit Risk

Quantitative Finance


Hedge Funds



Regulation and Compliance



Featured Groups

The MoneyScience User Group
Our very own Linkedin group welcomes MoneyScience Users and Friends, offering the opportunity for discussion, networking as well as a forum for suggesting features, news and updates for the MoneyScience site.

Analytic Bridge
The excellent Analytic Bridge Social Network at www.analyticbridge.com focusses on Data mining, statistics, quant, operations research, six sigma, econometrics, web analytics, text mining, business intelligence, SAS, biostatistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, decision sciences, cloud computing, SaaS. You might also be interested in the associated group: DataShaping Advanced Analytics.

Risk, Regulation and Reporting
This group is aimed towards sharing and discussing global news on Risk, Regulation and Reporting in the financial service industry (Banking, Basel II, Liquidity-, Credit-, Market- and Operational risk, Insurance, Solvency II, IAS, IFRS, GRC, Regulatory Reporting, Compliance, Hedge Funds, AML, ALM, ERM). We focus on content and will not allow commercial advertisements. Sponsored by FRSGlobal

Credit Risk Group
The group is constituted by Credit and Risk Executives from across the globe engaged in a wide variety of roles across well known and leading companies. We share our experiences and seek views on a wide variety of subjects like Global Economy, Common Issues, Specialized Risk Tools, Modelling Techniques, Information Technology, Compliance, Regulations and a host of others.

Credit Risk Managers
This networking group offers terrific opportunity for Credit Risk Professionals from across the world to come together and share their views, opinions, widen their network and access career opportunities. Executives experienced in both consumer and commerical credit risk management are welcome.

Hedge Fund Risk Management
Networking group for risk management professionals employed in "alternative investments" industry (hedge funds, fund of funds, private equity, etc.)

The QUANTS Network
A group dedicated to quantitative Analysis, Risk Management and Derivatives Pricing

Quant Masters - Quantitative Professionals Worldwide
Discussion, events, jobs, news - from finance to online advertising and everything in between.

Quantitative Trading & Risk Management
This group is for professionals involved in all aspects of quantitative trading and risk management.

Credit Risk Management Professionals Network
A collaboration of financial professionals involved in the businesses of credit, lending, and risk management. Share your experiences and thoughts, discuss the future of the industry and how to withstand the current state of the credit/debt markets.

Technology Professionals in Financial Services
This is a community for technology professionals to connect and share information and experience and to discover new opportunities. The community is open to all technology professionals whether they work in capital markets, private banking, retail banking, and insurance.

Risk Managers
This group is for Risk Managers to network and communicate, benefitting from each other's knowledge and experience.

Computational Finance
A group for sharing ideas, problems and perspectives on computational and high performance computing aspects of quantitative finance. The broad aim of the group is to build consensus on existing quantitative technologies and methodologies, helping members to quickly establish their relative merits and shortcomings.

Hedge Fund Zone
This group is made of of hedge fund managers, service providers, investors and anyone who is involved in any aspect of the hedge fund industry. The goal of this group is to help each other as needed, be resources for each other and overall create good Karma in a time when it is badly needed.

Banking and Finance Technologies
Established to share experience about systems and applications used in banking industry / financial institutions. Member profile: technology and business project managers, systems administrators and developers.

Quantitative Finance Students' Forum
If you're currently studying quantitative finance, or consider yourself an entry-level quant, this site is for you.

Finance Club
A huge group with 40,000+ members targeting working in the areas of Accounting, Banking, Capital Markets, Financial Services, Insurance, Investment Banking, Investment Management, Venture Capital or Private Equity.

Behavioral Economics Group
A group that connects researchers from academia, commercial and public sectors, with a shared interest in behavioral economics.

Financial Modelling in Excel
Learn, discuss, live and breathe Financial Modelling!
This group is for professionals working with or interested in working with financial models. A forum to discuss anything and everything to do with Financial Modelling in Excel from formula selection, best practice and model design.

Financial Risk Management Network
For those managing financial, interest rate, and commodity price risks, including foreign exchange.

Risk Analytics
This group is meant for members who share interests in the analytics side of financial risk management - across categories (predictive/deterministic/stochastic/ probabilistic/statistical/data mining related) From scorecards to Black Scholes...

Investment Professionals Group
This career networking group is for investment professionals (security analysis/sales/trading/portfolio management). It includes grads of top US and international MBA programs (BW's rankings), CFA charter holders (www.cfainstitute.org), and others with 10+ yrs relevant experience. It now has over 1200 members, including select recruiters who specialize in these areas.

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