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250+ Finance Tweeters Worth Following

Thu, 22 Mar 2012 10:47:00 GMT

I've been looking for a way to conveniently display a list of my favourite tweeters for quite some time now and fortunately PeerIndex seem to have cracked the problem with their Groups functionality. Now you can import a group directly from Twitter, edit it and then embed the results on your own page. Not only this, but they organise the list according to their magic algorithm, PeerIndex Scores which they say 'is a relative measure of your online authority' and 'reflects the impact of your online activities, and the extent to which you have built up social and reputational capital on the web.' Using the service is pretty easy but I assume that the scores become more accurate as people join up, so expect to see this list updating automatically over time to more accurately reflect relative influencers, along with any new members I include. Good stuff, PeerIndex!

This list is compiled from all the Tweeters I have added to the MoneyScience #FollowFriday list over the last 18 months or so. In case you're interested you can follow MoneyScience on twitter here.

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