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Video - Forecasting Financial Crises, Interview with Stefano Battiston, ETH Zurich

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 00:31:00 GMT

Via the Blog of the FOC Project, a European Science project aimed at understanding and forecasting systemic risk and global financial instabilities, comes this interview with Stefano Battiston, physicist at ETH Zurich (Switzerland).

"We need a cockpit where policymakers can look to see early alerts of future financial crises", says Stefano, who might be familiar to MoneyScience users as one of the authors of a paper which made something of a splash last year: The network of global corporate control. Stafano was also a co-author, with Joseph Stiglitz, on the paper: Liaisons Dangereuses: Increasing Connectivity, Risk Sharing, and Systemic Risk and you read can some commentary by Mark Buchanon on this paper over at Bloomberg.

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