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Taming Instabilities in Power Grid Networks by Decentralized Control

Mon, 31 Aug 2015 08:37:12 GMT

Renewables will soon dominate energy production in our electric power system. And yet, how to integrate renewable energy into the grid and the market is still a subject of major debate. Decentral Smart Grid Control (DSGC) was recently proposed as a robust and decentralized approach to balance supply and demand and to guarantee a grid operation that is both economically and dynamically feasible. Here, we analyze the impact of network topology by assessing the stability of essential network motifs using both linear stability analysis and basin volume for delay systems. Our results indicate that if frequency measurements are averaged over sufficiently large time intervals, DSGC enhances the stability of extended power grid systems. We further investigate whether DSGC supports centralized and/or decentralized power production and fi?nd it to be applicable to both. However, our results on cycle-like systems suggest that DSGC favors systems with decentralized production. Here, lower line capacities and lower averaging times are required compared to those with centralized production.

Taming Instabilities in Power Grid Networks by Decentralized Control
Benjamin Schäfer, Carsten Grabow, Sabine Auer, Jürgen Kurths, Dirk Witthaut, Marc Timme


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