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Complexity in Forecasting and Predictive Models

Tue, 11 Jun 2019 19:02:30 GMT

The challenge of this special issue has been to know the state of the problem related to forecasting modeling and the creation of a model to forecast the future behavior that supports decision making by supporting real-world applications.

This issue has been highlighted by the quality of its research work on the critical importance of advanced analytical methods, such as neural networks, soft computing, evolutionary algorithms, chaotic models, cellular automata, agent-based models, and finite mixture minimum squares (FIMIX-PLS)

Mainly, all the papers are focused on triggering a substantive discussion on how the model predictions can face the challenges around the complexity field that lie ahead. These works help to better understand the new trends in computing and statistical techniques that allow us to make better forecasts. Complexity plays a prominent role in these trends, given the increasing variety and changing data flows, forcing academics to adopt innovative and hybrid methods.


Volume 2019, Article ID 8160659, 3 pages
Complexity in Forecasting and Predictive Models
Jose L. Salmeron, Marisol B. Correia, and Pedro R. Palos-Sanchez


Source: www.hindawi.com