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Reading Suggestions for June

Fri, 31 May 2019 15:01:22 GMT

Well, here we are - it's June already. Here are my reading suggestions:Abadie, A., S. Athey, G. Imbens, & J. Wooldridge, 2017. When should you adjust standard errors for clustering? Mimeo.Berk, R., A. Buja, L. Brown, E. George, A. K. Kuchibhotla, W. Su, & L, Shazo, 2019. Assumption lean regression. American Statistician, in press.Ghosh, T., M. Ghosh, & T. Kubokawa, 2019. On the loss robustness of least-square estimators, American Statistician, in press.Gustafsson, O. & P....