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Mon, 08 Oct 2012 10:09:12 GMT

We are please to announce that our product profile was ranked in the Barclay Hedge Ranking award for August 2012.

This fund was ranked based on the data in BarclayHedge’s CTA database

In August, the health of the European economy was the main concern of investors and market participants around the world. The ECB responded with a clear signal that it will resume with buying government bonds to stabilize the fixed income market and make financing for Spain or Italy easier. This step has reassured investors around the world and convinced them to take a more sanguine view of the economic outlook. The EUR appreciated against the USD from 1.2236 to 1.258 during the month; the upward move was triggered by instances of short covering. The improved economic sentiment led to a rise of the AUD and NZD; the currencies lost some ground towards the end of the month.

Product profile AF generated a profit of 1.42. It was made across the board primarily from EUR, AUD, USD and NZD.

To learn more about our managed accounts please visit Olsen Invest.

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