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Intelligent Risk - Volume 1 Issue 1 - February 2011

Mon, 07 Nov 2011 09:32:15 GMT

Introduction to the first Issue

Welcome to the first issue of Intelligent Risk, bringing all PRMIA members free access to knowledge and information about risk management for financial institutions as well as current information on PRMIA chapters, committees, academic partners, news and events. Intelligent Risk is an important part of PRMIA’s effort to explore and understand the capabilities and challenges of risk management as a profession and a discipline.

The global financial crisis highlighted risk management shortcomings as well as its importance. There is much to learn, analyse and discuss if we hope to play a leadership role. At the same time, effective communication continues to be a particular challenge in risk management. Too many caveats, conditions and assumptions and we lose our impact and effectiveness along with our audience; too few and we undermine the integrity and utility of the message. Articles in this issue illustrate the value of exploring this tension honestly and with an open mind. We open Intelligent Risk with an important letter from the Chair of the Board that brings readers up-to-date with recent and forthcoming changes at PRMIA. This issue also introduces a new regular section called Visions of Risk, edited by one of our most active and well-known founders, Bob Mark. Visions of Risk will provide insights from some of the most eloquent speakers and respected writers in financial risk management today.

Each issue of Intelligent Risk will also feature one of our Academic Partners. Working closely with leading universities and business schools, PRMIA develops a range of learning opportunities for every stage of a risk manager’s career. Through our global academic partner network we offer accreditation, examination training, scholarships, research, and development programs in finance and risk management.

What’s on the Web (or WoW! As we call it) is a compendium of recent articles and resources that we think you will find useful. It is designed as a “living” section so we invite members to share the most relevant, thoughtprovoking and well-written articles on financial risk management, governance, policy and regulation. We also encourage feedback on the sites and resources mentioned in our features and welcome additional recommendations.

PRMIA has over 60 chapters holding regular meetings for discussion, networking and career advice as well as major sponsored events. In each issue Chapter Report highlights the activities of a different chapter. Regional directors interested in submitting a profile of their chapter should contact Katie Gittins at katie.gittins@prmia.org. Also, please let us know well in advance of any forthcoming major events in your chapter so we can publicize it in Intelligent Risk.

Following our regular sections are the latest PRMIA news, details of training opportunities, profiles of our leaders and details of our committees. A huge volunteer effort by the executive, the board, regional directors and the committee members provides PRMIA members a vibrant global network of opportunities, events and activities. We look forward to profiling many of them in Intelligent Risk.


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  • A Stress Testing Perspective — Insights on risk management to the global risk community
  • The Changing Risk Landscape How to achieve higher standards for risk management — critical for global financial stability
  • Risk Management under Basel III — Technological Challenges Will the lessons of the financial crisis survive the recovery?ACADEMIC PARTNER PROFILE

Macquarie University, Sydney

Regulatory Policy and Financial Reform

Hong Kong



Board of Directors, Founders, Committees

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