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The Open Education Movement Continues

Thu, 31 May 2012 05:38:26 GMT

Readers of this blog will no doubt be eagerly following along with the continuing developments of open education at Coursera and Udacity. As a professed autodidact, I have been a long-time consumer of online education, especially through iTunes university, and I'm really excited to see where everything is going.

I regretfully won't have time to fully explore the offerings over the next few months. I am signed up for Natural Language Processing, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Game Theory, Model Thinking, and Information Theory. Of these, Information Theory interests me the most since I have a background in the subject having studied Electrical Engineering (and signal processing). I started watching the lectures on the other classes and thus far continue to be extremely impressed.

While I won't be posting R code to accompany all of these lectures (I'm close to finishing a few more in the Stanford Machine Learning series, on Neural Networks, and that's a higher priority for me), I did want to point out a few relevant resources:

As always, let me know if you come across other interesting material.

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