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A World Of Unprecedented Evil

Sat, 03 Aug 2019 15:00:31 GMT

While I have essentially limited my posts to a few a year since 2016, before then I wrote voluminous posts about what was happening and what is coming.  While I don’t keep up with the news or blogosphere anymore, I’m confident no single person has predicted so much of what has and is happening around the world with very specific details.  I attribute this to a generally free mind, a generally open heart, deeply intuitive and empathic awareness, thirty years of studying the human condition and psychology and a very advanced understanding of complex systems.  In this case, those complex systems are economics, monetary theory, sociology, psychology, human behavior and the delusions of the ego or the self.  The ego or self being the most primitive, unevolved of our levels of conscious awareness of who we believe we are.   And, the twentieth century is the century of the self and all of its foibles and evils. Almost no one saw Donald Trump’s presidency yet...