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Quick Remarks On China And Free Trade Brainwashing

Mon, 05 Aug 2019 23:02:24 GMT

I’ve written a gargantuan number of posts on China.  That includes what is coming.  It seems on our door step but we shall see how quickly things unfold.  Why in God’s name are we trading with China? They steal our military secrets, they steal our university research through financial extortion, they steal American company secrets, they produce most of the counterfeit goods that cost Americans millions of jobs, they are a communist nation that murdered 50 million citizens, they have death vans that come to people’s houses to murder them, their one child policy has led to the murder or abortion of tens of millions more, they happily took our jobs when offered to them by American corporations, they are wildly corrupt and tyrannical and on and on and on.  Why do we trade with them?  Because our corporate masters are greedy, thieving criminals.  By the way, the United States holds all of the cards in this trade conflict; something I laid out in...