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Fundamental Measurements in Economics and in the Theory of Consciousness (Manifestation of quantum-mechanical properties of economic objects in slit measurements). (arXiv:1110.5288v1 [physics.gen-ph])

Mon, 24 Oct 2011 19:31:57 GMT

A new constructivist approach to modeling in economics and theory of
consciousness is proposed. The state of elementary object is defined as a set
of its measurable consumer properties. A proprietor's refusal or consent for
the offered transaction is considered as a result of elementary economic
measurement. We were also able to obtain the classical interpretation of the
quantum-mechanical law of addition of probabilities by introducing a number of
new notions. The principle of "local equity" assumes the transaction completed
(regardless of the result) of the states of transaction partners are not
changed in connection with the reception of new information on proposed offers
or adopted decisions (consent or refusal of the transaction). However it has no
relation to the paradoxes of quantum theory connected with non-local
interaction of entangled states. In the economic systems the mechanism of
entangling has a classical interpretation, while the quantum-mechanical
formalism of the description of states appears as a result of idealization of
the selection mechanism in the proprietor's consciousness.

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