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Fundamental Measurements in Economics and in the Theory of Consciousness. (arXiv:1110.5283v1 [physics.gen-ph])

Mon, 24 Oct 2011 19:32:03 GMT

A new constructivist approach to modeling in economics and theory of
consciousness is proposed. The state of elementary object is defined as a set
of its measurable consumer properties. A proprietor's refusal or consent for
the offered transaction is considered as a result of elementary economic
measurement. Elementary (indivisible) technology, in which the object's
consumer values are variable, in this case can be formalized as a generalized
economic measurement. The algebra of such measurements has been constructed. It
has been shown that in the general case the quantum-mechanical formalism of the
theory of selective measurements is required for description of such
conditions. The economic analogs of the elementary slit experiments in physics
have been created. The proposed approach can be also used for consciousness

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