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High Dimensional Low Rank and Sparse Covariance Matrix Estimation via Convex Minimization. (arXiv:1111.1133v1 [stat.ME])

Sun, 06 Nov 2011 19:31:46 GMT

This paper introduces a general framework of covariance structures that can
be verified in many popular statistical models, such as factor and random
effect models. The new structure is a summation of low rank and sparse
matrices. We propose a LOw Rank and sparsE Covariance estimator (LOREC) to
exploit this general structure in the high-dimensional setting. Analysis of
this estimator shows that it recovers exactly the rank and support of the two
components respectively. Convergence rates under various norms are also
presented. The estimator is computed efficiently using convex optimization. We
propose an iterative algorithm, based on Nesterov's method, to solve the
optimization criterion. The algorithm is shown to produce a solution within
O(1/t^2) of the optimal, after any finite t iterations. Numerical performance
is illustrated using simulated data and stock portfolio selection on S&P 100.

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