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Marginal density expansions for diffusions and stochastic volatility. (arXiv:1111.2462v1 [math.PR])

Thu, 10 Nov 2011 19:33:29 GMT

Density expansions for hypoelliptic diffusions $(X^1,...,X^d)$ are revisited.
In particular, we are interested in density expansions of the projection
$(X_T^1,...,X_T^l)$, at time $T>0$, with $l \leq d$. Global conditions are
found which replace the well-known "not-in-cutlocus" condition known from
heat-kernel asymptotics; cf. G. Ben Arous (1988). Our small noise expansion
allows for a "second order" exponential factor. Applications include tail and
implied volatility asymptotics in some correlated stochastic volatility models;
in particular, we solve a problem left open by A. Gulisashvili and E.M. Stein

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