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Inverse Thinking in Economic Theory: A Radical Approach to Economic Thinking. (arXiv:1208.3460v1 [q-fin.GN])

Sun, 19 Aug 2012 19:36:22 GMT

The seriousness of the current crisis urgently demands new economic thinking
that breaks the austerity vs. deficit spending circle in economic policy. The
core tenet of the paper is that the most important problems that natural and
social science are facing today are inverse problems, and that a new approach
that goes beyond optimization is necessary. The approach presented here is
radical in the sense that identifies the roots in key assumptions in economic
theory such as optimal behavior and stability to provide an inverse thinking
perspective to economic modeling of use in economic and financial stability
policy. The inverse problem provides a truly multidisciplinary platform where
related problems from different disciplines can be studied under a common
approach with comparable results.

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