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Identification of Insurance Models with Multidimensional Screening. (arXiv:1508.02919v1 [q-fin.MF])

Wed, 12 Aug 2015 19:37:01 GMT

This paper addresses the identification of insurance models with
multidimensional screening where insurees have private information about their
risk and risk aversion. The model also includes a random damage and the
possibility of several claims. Screening of insurees relies on their certainty
equivalence. The paper then investigates how data availability on the number of
offered coverages and reported claims affects the identification of the model
primitives under four different scenarios.We show that the model structure is
identified despite bunching due to multidimensional screening and/or a finite
number of offered coverages.

The observed number of claims plays a key role in the identification of the
joint distribution of risk and risk aversion. In addition, the paper derives
all the restrictions imposed by the model on observables. Our results are
constructive with explicit equations for estimation and model testing.

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