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Autonomics: an autonomous and intelligent economic platform and next generation money tool. (arXiv:1508.05355v1 [q-fin.EC])

Sun, 23 Aug 2015 19:36:50 GMT

We propose a high level network architecture for an economic system that
integrates money, governance and reputation. We introduce a method for issuing,
and redeeming a digital coin using a mechanism to create a sustainable global
economy and a free market. To maintain a currency's value over time, and
therefore be money proper, we claim it must be issued by the buyer and backed
for value by the seller, exchanging the products of labour, in a free market.
We also claim that a free market and sustainable economy cannot be maintained
using economically arbitrary creation and allocation of money. Nakamoto, with
Bitcoin, introduced a new technology called the cryptographic blockchain to
operate a decentralised and distributed accounts ledger without the need for an
untrusted third party. This blockchain technology creates and allocates new
digital currency as a reward for "proof-of-work", to secure the network.
However, no currency, digital or otherwise, has solved how to create and
allocate money in an economically non-arbitrary way, or how to govern and trust
a world-scale free enterprise money system. We propose an "Ontologically
Networked Exchange" (ONE), with purpose as its highest order domain. Each
purpose is defined in a contract, and the entire economy of contracts is
structured in a unified ontology. We claim to secure the ONE network using
economically non-arbitrary methodologies and economically incented human
behaviour. Decisions influenced by reputation help to secure the network
without an untrusted third party. The stack of contracts, organised in a
unified ontology, functions as a super recursive algorithm, with individual use
programming the algorithm, acting as the "oracle". The state of the algorithm
becomes the "memory" of a scalable and trustable artificial intelligence (AI).
This AI offers a new platform for what we call the "Autonomy-of-Things" (AoT).

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