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Financial Market Modeling with Quantum Neural Networks. (arXiv:1508.06586v1 [q-fin.CP])

Wed, 26 Aug 2015 19:36:58 GMT

Econophysics has developed as a research field that applies the formalism of
Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics to address Economics and Finance
problems. The branch of Econophysics that applies of Quantum Theory to
Economics and Finance is called Quantum Econophysics. In Finance, Quantum
Econophysics' contributions have ranged from option pricing to market dynamics
modeling, behavioral finance and applications of Game Theory, integrating the
empirical finding, from human decision analysis, that shows that nonlinear
update rules in probabilities, leading to non-additive decision weights, can be
computationally approached from quantum computation, with resulting quantum
interference terms explaining the non-additive probabilities. The current work
draws on these results to introduce new tools from Quantum Artificial
Intelligence, namely Quantum Artificial Neural Networks as a way to build and
simulate financial market models with adaptive selection of trading rules,
leading to turbulence and excess kurtosis in the returns distributions for a
wide range of parameters.

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