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Arbitrage Opportunities in CDS Term Structure: Theory and Implications for OTC Derivatives. (arXiv:1811.08038v1 [q-fin.PR])

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 19:49:40 GMT

Absence-of-Arbitrage (AoA) is the basic assumption underpinning derivatives
pricing theory. As part of the OTC derivatives market, the CDS market not only
provides a vehicle for participants to hedge and speculate on the default risks
of corporate and sovereign entities, it also reveals important market-implied
default-risk information concerning the counterparties with which financial
institutions trade, and for which these financial institutions have to
calculate various valuation adjustments (collectively referred to as XVA) as
part of their pricing and risk management of OTC derivatives, to account for
counterparty default risks. In this study, we derive No-arbitrage conditions
for CDS term structures, first in a positive interest rate environment and then
in an arbitrary one. Using an extensive CDS dataset which covers the 2007-09
financial crisis, we present a catalogue of 2,416 pairs of anomalous CDS
contracts which violate the above conditions. Finally, we show in an example
that such anomalies in the CDS term structure can lead to persistent arbitrage
profits and to nonsensical default probabilities. The paper is a first
systematic study on CDS-term-structure arbitrage providing model-free AoA
conditions supported by ample empirical evidence.