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Entropy and Transfer Entropy: The Dow Jones and the build up to the 1997 Asian Crisis. (arXiv:1811.08773v1 [q-fin.ST])

Wed, 21 Nov 2018 19:39:34 GMT

Entropy measures in their various incarnations play an important role in the
study of stochastic time series providing important insights into both the
correlative and the causative structure of the stochastic relationships between
the individual components of a system. Recent applications of entropic
techniques and their linear progenitors such as Pearson correlations and
Granger causality have have included both normal as well as critical periods in
a system's dynamical evolution. Here I measure the entropy, Pearson correlation
and transfer entropy of the intra-day price changes of the Dow Jones Industrial
Average in the period immediately leading up to and including the Asian
financial crisis and subsequent mini-crash of the DJIA on the 27th October
1997. I use a novel variation of transfer entropy that dynamically adjusts to
the arrival rate of individual prices and does not require the binning of data
to show that quite different relationships emerge from those given by the
conventional Pearson correlations between equities. These preliminary results
illustrate how this modified form of the TE compares to results using Pearson