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Bull Bear Balance: A Cluster Analysis of Socially Informed Financial Volatility. (arXiv:1811.10195v1 [q-fin.CP])

Mon, 26 Nov 2018 20:26:59 GMT

Using a method rooted in information theory, we present results that have
identified a large set of stocks for which social media can be informative
regarding financial volatility. By clustering stocks based on the joint feature
sets of social and financial variables, our research provides an important
contribution by characterizing the conditions in which social media signals can
lead financial volatility. The results indicate that social media is most
informative about financial market volatility when the ratio of bullish to
bearish sentiment is high, even when the number of messages is low. The
robustness of these findings is verified across 500 stocks from both NYSE and
NASDAQ exchanges. The reported results are reproducible via an open-source
library for social-financial analysis made freely available.