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BDLOB: Bayesian Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Limit Order Books. (arXiv:1811.10041v1 [q-fin.CP])

Mon, 26 Nov 2018 20:27:00 GMT

We showcase how dropout variational inference can be applied to a large-scale
deep learning model that predicts price movements from limit order books
(LOBs), the canonical data source representing trading and pricing movements.
We demonstrate that uncertainty information derived from posterior predictive
distributions can be utilised for position sizing, avoiding unnecessary trades
and improving profits. Further, we test our models by using millions of
observations across several instruments and markets from the London Stock
Exchange. Our results suggest that those Bayesian techniques not only deliver
uncertainty information that can be used for trading but also improve
predictive performance as stochastic regularisers. To the best of our
knowledge, we are the first to apply Bayesian networks to LOBs.