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PT Symmetry, Non-Gaussian Path Integrals, and the Quantum Black-Scholes Equation. (arXiv:1812.00839v1 [q-fin.MF])

Mon, 03 Dec 2018 20:17:09 GMT

The Accardi-Boukas quantum Black-Scholes framework, provides a means by which
one can apply the Hudson-Parthasarathy quantum stochastic calculus to problems
in finance. Solutions to these equations can be modelled using nonlocal
diffusion processes, via a Kramers-Moyal expansion, and this provides useful
tools to understand their behaviour. In this paper we develop further links
between quantum stochastic processes, and nonlocal diffusions, by inverting the
question, and showing how certain nonlocal diffusions can be written as quantum
stochastic processes. We then go on to show how one can use path integral
formalism, and PT symmetric quantum mechanics, to build a non-Gaussian kernel
function for the Accardi-Boukas quantum Black-Scholes. Behaviours observed in
the real market are a natural model output, rather than something that must be
deliberately included.