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Matching Refugees to Host Country Locations Based on Preferences and Outcomes. (arXiv:1902.07355v1 [econ.GN])

Thu, 21 Feb 2019 10:07:20 GMT

Facilitating the integration of refugees has become a major policy challenge
in many host countries in the context of the global displacement crisis. One of
the first policy decisions host countries make in the resettlement process is
the assignment of refugees to locations within the country. We develop a
mechanism to match refugees to locations in a way that takes into account their
expected integration outcomes and their preferences over where to be settled.
Our proposal is based on a priority mechanism that allows the government first
to specify a threshold g for the minimum level of expected integration success
that should be achieved. Refugees are then matched to locations based on their
preferences subject to meeting the government's specified threshold. The
mechanism is both strategy-proof and constrained efficient in that it always
generates a matching that is not Pareto dominated by any other matching that
respects the government's threshold. We demonstrate our approach using
simulations and a real-world application to refugee data from the United