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Gated deep neural networks for implied volatility surfaces. (arXiv:1904.12834v1 [q-fin.CP])

Mon, 29 Apr 2019 23:02:44 GMT

In this paper, we propose a gated deep neural network model to predict
implied volatility surfaces. Conventional financial conditions and empirical
evidence related to the implied volatility are incorporated into the neural
network architecture design and calibration including no static arbitrage,
boundaries, asymptotic slope and volatility smile. They are also satisfied
empirically by the option data on the S&P 500 over a ten years period. Our
proposed model outperforms the widely used surface stochastic volatility
inspired model on the mean average percentage error in both in-sample and
out-of-sample datasets. The research of this study has a fundamental
methodological contribution to the emerging trend of applying the
state-of-the-art information technology into business studies as our model
provides a framework of integrating data-driven machine learning algorithms
with financial theories and this framework can be easily extended and applied
to solve other problems in finance or other business fields.