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Identification of Key Companies for International Profit Shifting in the Global Ownership Network. (arXiv:1904.12397v1 [econ.GN])

Mon, 29 Apr 2019 23:02:44 GMT

In the global economy, the intermediate companies owned by multinational
corporations are becoming an important policy issue as they are likely to cause
international profit shifting and diversion of foreign direct investments. The
purpose of this analysis is to call the intermediate companies with high risk
of international profit shifting as key firms and to identifying and clarify
them. For this aim, we propose a model that focuses on each affiliate's
position on the ownership structure of each multinational corporation. Based on
the information contained in the Orbis database, we constructed the Global
Ownership Network, reflecting the relationship that can give significant
influence to a firm, and analyzed for large multinational corporations listed
in Fortune Global 500. In this analysis, first, we confirmed the validity of
this model by identifying affiliates playing an important role in international
tax avoidance at a certain degree. Secondly, intermediate companies are mainly
found in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, etc., and tended to be located
in jurisdictions favorable to treaty shopping. And it was found that such key
firms are concentrated on the IN component of the bow-tie structure that the
giant weakly connected component of the Global Ownership Network consist of.
Therefore, it clarifies that the key firms are geographically located in
specific jurisdictions, and concentrates on specific components in the Global
Ownership Network. The location of key firms are related with the ease of
treaty shopping, and there is a difference in the jurisdiction where key firms
are located depending on the location of the multinational corporations.