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A Multicriteria Decision Making Approach to Study the Barriers to the Adoption of Autonomous Vehicles. (arXiv:1904.12051v1 [econ.GN])

Mon, 29 Apr 2019 23:02:45 GMT

The automation technology is emerging, but the adoption rate of autonomous
vehicles (AV) will largely depend upon how policymakers and the government
address various challenges such as public acceptance and infrastructure
development. This study proposes a five-step method to understand these
barriers to AV adoption. First, based on a literature review followed by
discussions with experts, ten barriers are identified. Second, the opinions of
eighteen experts from industry and academia regarding inter-relations between
these barriers are recorded. Third, a multicriteria decision making (MCDM)
technique, the grey-based Decision-making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory
(Grey-DEMATEL), is applied to characterize the structure of relationships
between the barriers. Fourth, the robustness of the results is tested using
sensitivity analysis. Fifth, the key results are depicted in a causal loop
diagram (CLD), a systems thinking approach, to comprehend cause-and-effect
relationships between the barriers. The results indicate that the lack of
customer acceptance (LCA) is the most prominent barrier, the one which should
be addressed at the highest priority. The CLD suggests that LCA can be rather
mitigated by addressing two other prominent, yet more tangible, barriers --
lack of industry standards and the absence of regulations and certifications.
The study's overarching contribution thus lies in bringing to fore multiple
barriers to AV adoption and their potential influences on each other, owing to
which its insights are relevant to associations related to AVs in prioritizing
their endeavors to expedite AV adoption. From the methodological perspective,
this is the first study in transportation literature that integrates
Grey-DEMATEL with systems thinking.