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Fast Calculation of Credit Exposures for Barrier and Bermudan options using Chebyshev interpolation. (arXiv:1905.00238v1 [q-fin.CP])

Wed, 01 May 2019 19:38:01 GMT

We introduce a new method to calculate the credit exposure of Bermudan,
discretely monitored barrier and European options. Core of the approach is the
application of the dynamic Chebyshev method of Glau et al. (2019). The dynamic
Chebyshev method delivers a closed form approximation of the option prices
along the paths together with the options' delta and gamma. Key advantage is
the polynomial structure of the approximation, which allows us a highly
efficient evaluation of the credit exposures, even for a large number of
simulated paths. The approach is highly flexible in the model choice, payoff
profiles and asset classes. We compute the exposure profiles for Bermudan and
barrier options in three different equity models and compare them to the
profiles of European options. The analysis reveals potential shortcomings of
common simplifications in the exposure calculation. The proposed method is
sufficiently simple and efficient to avoid such risk-bearing simplifications.