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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Businesses: from Research, Innovation, Market Deployment to Future Shifts in Business Models. (arXiv:1905.02092v1 [econ.GN])

Mon, 06 May 2019 23:01:40 GMT

The fast pace of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation is propelling
strategists to reshape their business models. This is fostering the integration
of AI in the business processes but the consequences of this adoption are
underexplored and need attention. This paper focuses on the overall impact of
AI on businesses - from research, innovation, market deployment to future
shifts in business models. To access this overall impact, we design a
three-dimensional research model, based upon the Neo-Schumpeterian economics
and its three forces viz. innovation, knowledge, and entrepreneurship. The
first dimension deals with research and innovation in AI. In the second
dimension, we explore the influence of AI on the global market and the
strategic objectives of the businesses and finally, the third dimension
examines how AI is shaping business contexts. Additionally, the paper explores
AI implications on actors and its dark sides.