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Pricing of counterparty risk and funding with CSA discounting, portfolio effects and initial margin. (arXiv:1905.11328v1 [q-fin.PR])

Mon, 27 May 2019 23:01:42 GMT

In this paper we extend the existing literature on xVA along three
directions. First, we extend existing BSDE-based xVA frameworks to include
initial margin by following the approach of Cr\'epey (2015a) and Cr\'epey
(2015b). Next, we solve the consistency problem that arises when the
front-office desk of the bank uses trade-specific discount curves that differ
from the discount curve adopted by the xVA desk. Finally, we address the
existence of multiple aggregation levels for contingent claims in the portfolio
between the bank and the counterparty by providing suitable extensions of our
proposed single-claim xVA framework.