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Score-Driven Exponential Random Graphs: A New Class of Time-Varying Parameter Models for Dynamical Networks. (arXiv:1905.10806v1 [stat.AP])

Mon, 27 May 2019 23:01:42 GMT

Motivated by the evidence that real-world networks evolve in time and may
exhibit non-stationary features, we propose an extension of the Exponential
Random Graph Models (ERGMs) accommodating the time variation of network
parameters. Within the ERGM framework, a network realization is sampled from a
static probability distribution defined parametrically in terms of network
statistics. Inspired by the fast growing literature on Dynamic Conditional
Score-driven models, in our approach, each parameter evolves according to an
updating rule driven by the score of the conditional distribution. We
demonstrate the flexibility of the score-driven ERGMs, both as data generating
processes and as filters, and we prove the advantages of the dynamic version
with respect to the static one. Our method captures dynamical network
dependencies, that emerge from the data, and allows for a test discriminating
between static or time-varying parameters. Finally, we corroborate our findings
with the application to networks from real financial and political systems
exhibiting non stationary dynamics.